Aiming to bring ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ action to VR, tactical team-based shooter ‘Breachers’ launches in April – The Road to VR

[ad_1] Triangle Factory, the studio behind Hyper Dash (2021), announced its squad-based shooter Violators is set to launch next month on Quest 2 and SteamVR headsets. The Rainbow Six Siege-inspired shooter has been played by over 60,000 players since the studio launched the open alpha late last year. Now the studio says Violators will … Read more

TechCrunch+ roundup: 7 VCs making pitches, AI best practices, zero-based budgeting

[ad_1] Image Credits: Jason Doiy/Getty Images It’s too early to tell whether SVB’s downfall heralds a new era for venture capital, but based on anecdotal evidence, off-the-record discussions and chats with colleagues, it looks like we’re back to business as usual as far as raising funds for revenue launch is concerned. It’s not a scientific … Read more