17 Locations, 1500+ Servers available in 15 mins 24/7, starting at $59/mo

gthost Instant Dedicated Servers in 17 locations: Ashburn, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Santa Clara, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris

Delivery in 5-15 mins after payment 24/7. No setup fees. Month to month. Linux auto-deploy.
Unmetered and guaranteed bandwidth from 300Mbps to 10Gbps

2000+ Instant Servers available immediately 24/7
Real-Time listing: https://gthost.com/instant-servers/

Promo code: https://gthost.com/promotions/

New Low Prices!!!

E3-1260Lv5, 16GB, 1x480GB SSD, IPMI, 300M Unmetered – $59
E3-1260Lv5, 16GB, 2x480GB SSD, IPMI, 300M Unmetered – $69
E3-1265Lv3, 32GB, 2x480GB SSD, IPMI, 300M Unmetered – $69
E5-2650v2, 64GB, 2x480GB SSD, IPMI, 300M Unmetered – $84
A lot of Xeon E5 v2/v3/v4

Bandwidth upgrade 300M +$20 = 500M Unmetered
Bandwidth upgrade 500M +$30 = 1G Unmetered

10G Instant Servers https://gthost.com/10gbps-dedicated-servers/

Rent a Server for tests from $5/day, delivery in 15 mins 24/7

Clear Specs – know what you are getting
Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Drives, Power Supplies.

Looking Glass: https://gthost.com/looking-glass/ (ping, traceroute, mtr)

Ashburn: , https://gthost.com/ashburn-dedicated-servers/
Atlanta: , https://gthost.com/atlanta-dedicated-servers/
Chicago: , https://gthost.com/chicago-dedicated-servers/
Dallas: , https://gthost.com/dallas-dedicated-servers/
Denver: , https://gthost.com/denver-dedicated-servers/
Los Angeles: , https://gthost.com/los-angeles-dedicated-servers/
New York: , https://gthost.com/new-york-dedicated-servers/
Miami: , https://gthost.com/miami-dedicated-servers/
Santa Clara:, https://gthost.com/santa-clara-dedicated-servers/
Seattle: , https://gthost.com/seattle-dedicated-servers/
Monreal: , https://gthost.com/monreal-dedicated-servers/
Toronto: , https://gthost.com/toronto-dedicated-servers/
Vancouver: , https://gthost.com/vancouver-dedicated-servers/
Amsterdam: , https://gthost.com/amsterdam-dedicated-servers/
Frankfurt: , https://gthost.com/frankfurt-dedicated-servers/
London: , https://gthost.com/london-dedicated-servers/
Paris: , https://gthost.com/london-dedicated-servers/

Supermicro Blade Servers, Enterprise SSD and HDD, Linux Auto-deploy

Fully Redundant Power Feeds (A+B), Free Supermicro Onboard IPMI

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