Truck Mounted Starlink Antenna: A Hack for Strong Internet?

[ad_1] Elon Musk’s Tesla Semi may have revolutionized trucking—in fact, it may never—but another of his companies has already produced at scale a device that could go some way to changing the game: Starlink’s Dishy McFlatface. Dishy, ​​as it is commonly called, is a transmitter/receiver for the Starlink network of more than 3,500 small satellites … Read more

TikTok Eye for an eye: The US may finally fight back against China’s internet protectionism

[ad_1] China has banned leading American Internet companies from its market for decades on national security grounds, but America has never reciprocated. The news that the Biden administration may force the sale of TikTok could mark the beginning of a new approach that mandates de facto reciprocity. Certainly the legal issues in the TikTok case … Read more

Samsung ‘internet to baseband’ bug can be attacked on phone – Security

[ad_1] A flaw in Samsung’s Exynos baseband modems is so exploitable that Google’s Project Zero has taken the unusual decision to hide details of the vulnerability. Project Zero advises owners of affected devices to disable Wi-Fi calling and Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) until a firmware upgrade arrives to block the “internet-to-baseband” attack vector. In its advisory, Project … Read more

What is Full Fiber Broadband? We explain, as it has been revealed that many do not know what kind of internet they have

[ad_1] Almost half of Brits are stumped by broadband speed terminology This is not supported by some providers using the wrong names for broadband deals If you don’t understand the difference between broadband, fiber, and all-fiber internet, you’re not alone. Research shows that many Brits don’t know what these terms actually mean – although many … Read more