GTA Online Street Drug Dealer Locations for February 19, 2023


GTA Online Street Dealers are among the best things for business owners in the game, added as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update. Players can sell various items to these people and earn quick cash anytime they want, which is especially useful for those who manage technicians in MC Clubs, Acid Lab and Nightclub.

However, finding Street Dealers in the game can be frustrating as they can be anywhere in its open world environment. To help players save time, this article will share GTA Online Street Dealers locations for today, February 19.

All three Street Dealers locations in GTA Online today (February 19, 2023)

GTA Online Street Dealers can be found in the following locations today. The drugs you can sell to each of them, along with the gang they belong to, are mentioned below.

1) Papa Surf, Vespucci Beach

  • Dealer gang – Armenian mafia
  • Preferred drug – Matt

2) Benefactor-Gallivanter dealership, Downtown Vinewood

  • Dealer gang – Street racers
  • Preferred drug – Matt

3) Billingsgate Motel, Rancho

  • Dealer gang – The families
  • Preferred drug – Matt

Once players get within 200 meters of any of these aforementioned locations, a purple icon will appear on the map, with the help of which gamers can easily find the dealer they are looking for. Here are the four different types of products these people buy in GTA Online:

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It is worth mentioning that the prices they will offer for these items will vary. The inclusion of these individuals is a neat concept that was first introduced in Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars as part of the drug distribution side business.

Everything players need to know about today’s GTA Online Street Dealers locations

1) Papa Surf, Vespucci Beach

Papa Surf is a surf shop featured in GTA Online, located on the boardwalk of Vespucci Beach in Los Santos. His name seems to be inspired by Papa Smurf, a character from The Smurfs.

Although today the location is used by a street dealer, it is completely inaccessible to players in both story mode and online games. Gamers can find a unique pink and blue BF Bifta vehicle with green wheels parked around the store.

2) Benefactor-Gallivanter dealership, Downtown Vinewood

Benefactor-Gallivanter’s Dealership is an auto dealership featured in GTA Online, located on the corner of Las Lagunas Boulevard and Spanish Avenue in West Vinewood. It offers both Gallivanter and Benefactor vehicles as depicted by the window ads.

The overall design and layout of the building appears to be based on the now closed actual Hornburg Land Rover Jaguar dealership in West Hollywood.

3) Billingsgate Motel, Rancho

Billingsgate Motel is an establishment featured in Grand Theft Auto Online that can be found on Innocence Boulevard in the Rancho District of Los Santos. This is a very cheap structure with parking and an eCola machine. Players can find plenty of towels on the small balcony of the building, with some surfboards outside the available rooms.

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The entire establishment is based on the real Hyde Park Motel in South Los Angeles. Players can find a similar motel in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas called the Jefferson Motel.

It looks like the Street Dealers feature is being tested for Rockstar’s next Grand Theft Auto Online title, along with other recently added events. If players want to make extra income and save time by not doing sales missions, they should keep an eye out for drug dealers.

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