Meta’s VR Battle Royale game goes free next week


Population: One, the VR battle royale game acquired by Meta in 2021, is going free-to-play on March 9, developer BigBox VR announced on Tuesday. Specifically, it will be free for those playing on Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets. The title currently retails for Rs 699 on Steam and $30 on Rift.

Meanwhile, players who don’t own the Meta headset can purchase the title at a discounted price of $20. However, this is the international pricing and it is not clear if similar discount will be seen in India as well.

According to Meta’s blog post about this update, the game’s developers hope to bring the game “to a larger audience and expand the social multiplayer experience.” Players who have already purchased the game before will receive a free content pack called the Original Banana Bundle, which includes several banana-themed cosmetics.

Big Box also has some new updates for the game around the time it goes free. The March 9 updates include map changes, new single-player modes, an updated in-game store, and new game balances.

Originally released in 2020, Population: One has become one of the most popular VR Battle Royale titles, if not the most popular.

Battle Royale is a super popular gaming genre that has grown thanks to games like PUBG and Fortnite, which are also free to play. They follow a similar theme – you parachute out of a plane alongside a hundred or so players, collect supplies and fight until you’re the last man standing.


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